Saturday, October 6, 2018

This IS how you WANT it to BE

This how you want it to be. 

 And we don't really mind. As long as you know, the emboldeness of your emboldened response to liberty & justice and peace & tranquility in this present society is averted!
The poor citizens of America, out in front of the United States Supreme Court and other governmental offices, do not realize how this will all end.
The Anarchists have not yet even arrived. #Anonymous and other such groups have not co-opted the current trenders of protest agaimst the government's shake of late.

Who will be ready for the chaos, that is about to ensue?

With this current ill-responsive action in the judiciary, including the extended apparatuses doom is evident.  The refrain amongst the civil-disobedients sprung from #Ferguson & #MikeBrown. 

The level of the #injusticesToCome is manacled to the #TrayvonMartin debacle. Or, Baton Rouge's reeling yet from the aftermath of #AltonSterling, where the police-state over-reach manifested in cointelpro tactics. 

Senator John Cornyn of Texas, speaking of mob-rule, this very Kavanaugh confirmation vote-countdown is in disarray as Order is being requested from the Senate Chair from the Sargeant-at-arms in the #SenateGallery. (1340hrsCST)

Mr. Cornyn of Texas is greatly aware of his state's violations of the '65 Voting Rights Act.  FLAGRANT VIOLATION OF A COURT-RULING.  And not to forget the "bones of Negroes in Sugarland".

Is this the future that we must now endure in this America as it is Now.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

All Of This

As a pre-note: The debacling demise of Toys R Us - should be a reminder of what #TrumpFallout really is all about.  An insidious thought was that low-birthrates are at fault, for the downfall.  ~INSTABILITY IN THE WHITE HOUSE

                      IT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING
All of the current nonsensical actions of every entity of government is outlandish and absurdly destructive to every area of society.
In the state and nation.

The Nation is absolutely on the rocks.  As I am writing, John Bolton is to be the new National Security Advisor.  The General McMasters is out as National Security Advisor.
The President also lost a strategic attorney, John Dowd this day.  As #theTrumpFallOut continues to affect the american people; the administration's are either being thrown-out or they themselves are bailing-out of a sinking ship. 

The notion, that low birthrates in america is the culprit for U. S. retail insecurity,  Does anyone recall, the end-of-the-year congressional, executive branch back and forth.  All the way in to 2018 concerns about a #governmentShutdown.  An unstable government, economy and street angst in the United States of America.

In Louisiana the legislature, following the nod by the national trend of federal mechinations, is steadily creating a chasm of no return. Such lies and evil deceptions on every level.  The Louisiana Legislature is currently in its Regular Session. 

Following the current trend of the Republican ideology, the Health and Welfare Committee of the Louisiana Legislature considered a Bill, an approved it to be heard on the floor of the Louisiana House of Representatives . The same Bill was attempted in a Special Session earlier this month, but was not approved by the same Committee.  
The legislation would attempt to determine, who is really eligible for Louisiana Medicaid.  Another bill seeks to require recipients to work or perform community service to receive medicaid. 

The problem with all of this, is that the majority impoverished population of Louisiana becomes a Medicaid recipient after they have become ill and a licensed Louisiana physician deems the impoverished person, can't be treated unless they are granted medicaid benefits. 

The legislation if approved will determine eligiblity by state income tax records.  Records for which will more than likely not be obtainable. The chronically poor are not income-tax filers, plus many will just preferencialy defer to death, and the emergency room forcibly by a relative or loved one.

In either way, this is insanity.

Monday, October 30, 2017

It Just Will Not STOP ~ NO PLACE IS SAFE Murder Everywhere

Dateline Grambling, Louisiana higher education's Black on Black murder. 

And, of course there has been killing on campuses before, in the United States. 

Isley Brothers version
Sandy Hook Elementary, Virginia Tech, Columbine in Colorado & never to forget, "four dead in Ohio, that summer in Ohio, four dead in Ohio; we got to get down to it, Soldiers are cutting us down . .. . .  ." so the Isley Brothers sang! Concerning Kent State University in the song Neil Young wrote.
And that was 1970 in a Vietnam War Protest, when national guard soldiers opened fire on protestors--S T U D E N T S.

Neil Young(Crosby,Stills,Nash&Young

And 10 days later police opened fire on S T U D E N T S at Jackson State College in Mississippi killing 2 (two) and wounding twelve (12).

And then, in 1971 two S T U D E N T S were killed on Southern A & M College (Southern University) CAMPUS.

Denver Smith and Leonard Brown were shotgunned down on Southern campus, by police.

So, that murder has become routine in American's minds everywhere.  Murder. Routine? It was homecoming in Grambling, and a decision had to be made, if the festivities would go on as previously planned. 
One female student, thought it crazy that everything would continue and move-on she said, "as if nothing had happened. However, the pep rally became a peace walk, complete with the University President.
But the fact remains, this was Black on black crime at an institution of higher learning.
In Nearby Monroe, one black man murdered two people in two different areas of town. Two days before and drive-by shooting wounded an individual, just blocks away. Routine?

        Yet What bothers me even more is In-Custody Deaths

I have good information a person is being set-up to be murdered while in police custody. Though the Marked Man is not a Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of Malcolm X; he is the grandson of civil rights workers of the 50's and 80's.  And so, the gene is there! 

By being in the wrong-place at the "right time"; he is in the routinely frequent position to be "murdered while in Custody or incarceration". 
We have confirmation of this. 

Coupled with the murderous atmosphere in the astros right now, the victim has been warned and instructed.
There will be a request sent to the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division's Regional "Peacekeepers"- CRS to dispatch at its earliest agents and officials to intervene in this community.  Though some cities in North Louisiana have convened sessions, meetings and community oriented deployments, the death-quotient, continues spiraling.

In November of 2015, a young black man died while incarcerated in a Morehouse Parish facility. And so, now in 2017 another person will have an attempt on his life in November, if not before.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Louisiana Justice Denied:Injustice Instilled

In Louisiana Justice is Denied and Injustice is Instilled, from the top down

Recently, when Piyush (Bobby) Jindal left the State Governor's Office, he awarded raises to "some" state workers on his way out-of-office, leaving Louisiana in a (3) three-billion dollar deficit, shortfall or; before the government could operate, billions had to be cut.

As part, of  Louisiana's quest to "get every dime", it has in operation the Office of Debt Recovery.  As the state Office of Motor Vehicles, continues to strike its blow, for any "hours" of mandatory insurance default, you may lose your driving privileges and registration as a matter of penalty. 

Now, the legislature is set for final passage of a Bill to allow installment payments on such OMV debts, to be place on the Governor's desk for his signature.  Although, the bill will be up again for debate on the Senate floor when it reconvenes on Friday 3 June 2016, a question is begged; WHY IS THE STATE OF LOUISIANA, PREPARING TO INSTITUTE A DEBTORS PRISON?  Senate Bill 387 by Cortez


The Installment Plan Bill  creates a method of securing debt owed by folks, who are already dying from heart, cancer and other disease, because they can't afford a decent diet.

Poor and fixed income people are made, "illegal" as a matter of fact.  

Former Governor Bobby Jindal should be tried under "Honest Services" violations. It is in the best interest of the State of Louisiana's citizens, that something be done to "clarify" that an illegal act was committed by the former governor. 

The "Honest Services" involves a "defendant's act had the intent to defraud by depriving a victim of his right of honest services" 

Injustice is being Instilled in another Generation

When the Jindal Administration, the Division of Administration, allocated "raises" as he left the Governor's Office, it was injustice against the "people of the state".  

It is in the best interest of the State of Louisiana's citizens, that something be done to "clarify" that an illegal act was committed by the former governor. 

The "Honest Services" involves a "defendant's act had the intent to defraud by depriving a victim of his right of honest services" 

A "fiduciary" duty exists whenever one [person] [entity] places special trust and confidence in another person–the fiduciary–in reliance that the fiduciary will exercise [his] [her] discretion and expertise with the utmost honesty and forthrightness in the interests of the [person] [entity], such that the [person] [entity] relaxes the care and vigilance that [he] [she] [it] would ordinarily exercise, and the fiduciary knowingly accepts that special trust and confidence and thereafter undertakes to act on behalf of the other [person] [entity] based on such reliance.

Since the Louisiana government, will not do anything, about this indiscretion. what remedy does the people have? Who will Intervene? The Attorney General? 
The Legislature? The Supreme Court?

Or, must a private citizen file suit in the proper jurisdiction, to secure such remedy in respect to such injustices being instilled in future generations?  And, furthermore; the new law concerning Office of Debt Recovery, the Attorney General's office, Department of Public Safety & Motor Vehicles, and Treasury are in this mix. 

In accordance with the, proposed procedures "the so-called office of debt recovery, will utilized 'support enforcement' will utilize 'financial institute data match' to track down monies 'owned' or accessible for this 'collaborative' to seize accounts.
Sen. Page Cortez, R-Lafayette, was not so sure and echoed critics' concerns about an unfair collection process. He suggested the OMV may improperly accuse drivers of having not paid fines when the drivers' didn't receive collection letters, had already sold the vehicles listed with expired insurance or were registered in other states where they've moved.
"My contention is that I think we're having a case of judge, jury (and) executioner with the constituents' money without them even potentially knowing that they were even being brought to trial," the committee chair said Thursday.
Cortez pushed for an improved system as he presented a proposal to require that all notices of final debt include the total amount owed and all of a driver's payment options.
Rep. Denise Marcelle, R-Baton Rouge, said her House-backed bill would provide some of those payment options by creating installment plans for drivers to pay outstanding fines. The proposal would not negate debts, but allow drivers to become licensed while they work to repay their violations. 
ACT 399-Creating Office of Debt Recovery. June 2013
The provisions of the Act relevant to banking deal with the creation of a financial institution data match system to assist the ODR and Department in collecting delinquent state tax and non-tax debt. Although LBA does not like the idea of additional requirements for banks to police their customers, we recognized early on that this legislation had widespread support, especially in light of the state’s budget woes and constant search for new revenues. It has been widely reported that this Act could result in $200 million in new state revenues over five years. 
We also were told by the Department that without a data match system to efficiently find and collect unpaid debts, other potentially more burdensome methods would be pursued. 
For instance, the Department has told us that in recent years they have significantly increased the amount of paper levies they send to banks in a geographic area where they believe a debtor may have an account. 

These are basically fishing expeditions with the hope of finding a debtor account. As a result, banks waste time responding to these levies even when they do not have that debtor as a customer. 

The Department indicated that the number of paper levies generated would likely continue to greatly increase without data match in place because the Department was looking at technology to reduce time and expense while greatly increasing the volume of levies produced. 

In addition to philosophical concerns and concerns with the alternative collection procedures being contemplated by the Department, LBA had concerns with the initial language proposed in the bill and we wanted to ensure that the data match program, if passed into law, would be conducted in the same manner as is currently being done for the collection of past due child support. 

For many years, state law (in accordance with a federal mandate) has required financial institutions to conduct data match with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to assist in the payment of child support obligations. 

 Although LBA does not like the idea of additional requirements for banks to police their customers, we recognized early on that this legislation had widespread support, especially in light of the state’s budget woes and constant search for new revenues. 

Made to be criminals. Bank accounts policed. Yet the former governor, gets away with defrauding the state. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Listening to the Drum Major's Rhythm

While in Selma for the 50th year Jubilee it was evident that this year was different. Everyone was expectant. The President of the United States was scheduled to speak. However, we would find, there was a one-two punch.

We were waiting in line to be screened by security, just to get a little closer to hear the President. We had walked the bridge the day before. It was definitely something other than just us, on that bridge. It wasn't the day of the enactment.  Even so, the air was electric.  I felt healthier, rejuvenated and enlivened. 

After returning, from Selma for Worship the next day, the press was manifested in my bones.  The following day, announcements began to come of racism exposed once gain in our Nation. A "biracial" man was killed in Madison, Wisconsin by a police officer. Across the country in Norman, Oklahoma a fraternity group ranted a racist chant, from its bus. Our Society, was shocked.  Again.  Congressman John Lewis, had spoken on Saturday the 7th of March about those tribulation days of February to March of 1965.

Malcolm X, had come to Selma, while Dr. King was in jail, to lend his moral support. He was assassinated after leaving from Selma, shortly after. 

With, all that happening after leaving from Selma, and hearing the President say, the battle is not over. And after hearing a Congresswoman and Congressman say the same thing another way, I realized nothing has changed sufficiently in the hearts of America's people.  The News in Alabama, said the KKK dropped leaflets in Selma. 

Several City Officials in Ferguson, Missouri resigned. The State Supreme Court there, took over the municipal court. 

If Dr. King was here, he'd might say, "Where do we go from Here". He would talk about the unfinished business. He would talk about police brutality and poverty.

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Blessing of Deliverance
One Way or Another

A lot of who we are is, what we do.
What we do is what is most remembered.
Even to the last thing, that is done.
But, the whole of life is what is mostly considered, by the reasonable.

However, there are times when a quintessential event occurs and the person that exits from the event becomes "an enrichly different persona". "What vehement desire", may cause a miscalculated circumstance to evolve. Yet, many know, that this Brother fought tooth and nail to obtain a different outcome for his son. This Brother, come out of Dallas in 2006 to do this battle. And, remained in Jena, until his untimely death. 
       The Blessing of Deliverance-One Way or Another
The deliverance that must come for American society, must come shortly. Time is running out fast. One can become caught up in the indecency of our world's stereotypical discriminatory prejudices and step-out against it, and never feel fulfilled until change is evidenced. When the vultures came to pick the prey's bones, Marcus lashed out, and exposed a lot of skullduggery, during the time of the "6".
Some didn't understand his stance. He never, was for "the political shenanigans of the powers-at-be".
Several incidents, elicited the culmination of the would be "Jena Movement".  Indivdually, persons in the "6's" affair were targeted, in every way imaginable.

Marcus Jones lived out the remainder of his life, under threat and "backlash"

When the "government" began its process to "glass over" the underlying, racial strife in the town, without seeking long lasting solute, Jones withdrew.

After the "soul's son", incident in nearby Monroe, Jones further distanced himself from the mainstream malarchy and focused on what would really make a difference in the current streams of thought.

In his last thoughts, Marcus was dismayed at the police killings of black men, particularly youth, inclusive of Tamir Rice. When both Grand Juries in Ferguson and New York's Staten Island, yeilded no indictments,  he was disheartened by the events. In two of the last text messages from Mr. Jones, he said, "Seem like we just can't win" in reference to the Mike Brown Grand Jury decision.

The December 3rd text message said "They just let another Cop off " in reference to the Eric Garner Grand Jury decision in New York City's Staten Island.

With the recent deaths of Black youth and the standing up for those youngers' lost lives: particularly the fathers; Marcus Jones was the prototype.
Raw emotion, vehement desire and consistent activism. It was a last stand for the survival of this soul's son.
On the other day, Marcus met with tragedy. In a very freak accident, Jones fell to his death off the bed of a Pickup truck to be struck by another truck.
Rest in the privilege of deliverance from this present evil world.

Surely seems as though this should not be happening, yet it has; and answers are necessitated.
December 14, 2014
Pedestrian Killed in LaSalle Parish Crash

LaSalle Parish – Late yesterday afternoon, a single vehicle crash involving a pedestrian killed a man from Jena, LA. 

Troopers responded to the crash around 5:41 p.m., which occurred on LA Hwy 8 near Jena. The crash involved a 2007 Chevrolet pickup, driven by Brittany N. Walker (W/F 22 yrs) of Jena and a pedestrian, identified as Marcus W. Jones (B/M 43 yrs). The Chevrolet was eastbound on LA Hwy 8 when Walker observed an object (later determined to be Jones) in the roadway. Walker attempted to avoid striking Jones by steering right, but was not successful. The Chevrolet struck Jones in the upper torso. 

Prior to the crash, Jones was lying down in the eastbound lane and was wearing a black jacket and black pants. 

While Troopers were investigating the crash, a friend of Jones arrived on the scene. The friend informed Troopers that, prior to this crash, Jones had been riding in the bed of his truck, standing and holding down wooden pallets. Once the friend arrived at their destination, he realized that Jones was no longer in the bed of the truck and was attempting to locate him when he came upon this crash scene. 

Routine toxicology tests are pending. The crash remains under investigation.

Although the condition of the pedestrian at the time of the crash remains unknown, Troopers would like to remind the public of the following: when walking near a roadway, always make yourself visible to drivers by wearing bright/light colored clothing and reflective materials. Pedestrians that are walking at night should try to carry a flashlight for added safety. A person should always walk on a sidewalk, but if there is not a sidewalk available, you should always walk on the shoulder or if no shoulder is available, as close to the roadway edge facing traffic.

Troop E Troopers have investigated 48 fatal crashes in 2014, resulting in 60 fatalities.

Contact Information:
M/T Daniel “Scott” Moreau 
Louisiana State Police
Public Affairs Section – Troop E
Office: (318) 769-9USA (872)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The government's expected RIOTS in FergusonOctober Brews Still

Barack Obama speaking of quiet riots at Hampton University just before the election for President, takes on another meaning through the lens of Michael Brown's death at, what is the offspring of a now well known antiquated police system.

The "quiet riots" for which he spake are materializing, inch by inch. The seemingly spike in Police killings of black men, is seen as what has the possible solutions, soon to come to pass. Police brutality is a part of the culture of law enforcement.

Black rage, a product of the american capitalist system of deprivation and impoverishment of a "worker class"; to perform the mundane task of a disposable society for the "ruling class", is what's behind the Police State tactics recently utilized in St. Louis' Ferguson.

The aftermath of Ferguson's August debacle is evident day by day. There is a group of young folk, who are gutwrenchingly disturbed by the vulgar killing of Mike Brown and the subsequent inconsistency of the judicial/prosecutorial/law enforcement policies.
Even, the executive branch of the state of Missouri is culpable in the looming fiasco. Whether it is 2014 or 2015, this festering sore has boiled over.
It is such, that; direct intervention is needed now. The highest area of government is necessitated for the proper outcome of the injustices.  A congressional intervention or even presidential intervention are cast aside in lieu of the U. S. Attorney General's involvement. 
As nothing, definitive has been the outcome of DoJ's investigation of the Trayvon Martin murder-(it is a fact it is murder because GZ has consistently been in incidents) to this very day. So, it is the assumption of the 20-somethings and the 30-somethings; that the Mike Brown outcome will be, just as destructively deceptive. 

And, so now the "Quiet Riots" Barack Obama, talked about at Hampton, before the election of 2008 has matured, and the "babies" of the subsequent generation, "the Lost Voices" are speaking, loudly!! Everso Loudly!!

St. Louis' Ferguson,11Oct14 1748hrs

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Rigours of Defeat:-2013

La. tells HHS it won't run insurance exchange

Associated Press
Published: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 9:12 p.m.
Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration sent formal notification Wednesday to federal officials that Louisiana won't create its own health insurance market as provided by the national health care overhaul.
Health and Hospitals Secretary Bruce Greenstein mailed a seven-page letter telling the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that Louisiana will leave it to the federal government to run the state's health insurance exchange.
The letter also outlined the Jindal administration's continuing opposition to the entire law, which was upheld by the Supreme Court earlier this year.
"The State of Louisiana has repeatedly stated that the law has severe legal problems, is bad policy and is unworkable. Those beliefs remain unchanged," Greenstein wrote to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
The exchanges, scheduled to launch in January 2014, will allow people and small businesses to shop for private coverage from a range of competing insurers. They are supposed to be ready to begin enrolling people in October 2013.
Jindal, a Republican who is considered a possible White House contender, has sought repeal of President Barack Obama's signature health care law, calling it an inappropriate expansion of the federal government and a burdensome expense for the state and businesses.
In his letter, Greenstein revisited those complaints, laying out pages of point-by-point criticism. He called the health care law unjust taxation, said it will undermine the private health care marketplace and claimed it will weaken job creation at private businesses.
"The full extent of damage the (health care law) causes to small businesses, the nation's economy and the American health care system will only be revealed with time," Greenstein wrote. "The State of Louisiana has no interest in being a party to this failure by implementing a state based exchange."
He said the health insurance exchanges have unrealistic deadlines and unclear regulations.
The exchanges are supposed to be set up with federal money and then sustained through taxes and fees on the insurance products.
State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, the head of the Louisiana Democratic Party, tried unsuccessfully to get the state to run its own exchange. She said it doesn't make sense for the state to opt out of creating its own system that fits its local markets, instead of using a one-size-fits-all model.
Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon, a Republican who supports the concept of an exchange though not the Obama health law, echoed similar concerns Wednesday about using an exchange model not created specifically with Louisiana in mind.
"When the feds build the exchange, they will build it according to their political agenda and that gives me concern as a person who would not have voted for what I consider to be a program headed in the direction of national health care," Donelon said.
But he noted the decision of whether Louisiana would run its own health insurance exchange was not his, but Jindal's choice.
Louisiana, which was one of 26 states that unsuccessfully sued to throw out the health revamp, earlier had decided to let federal officials run the high-risk pools for people who have pre-existing medical conditions and can't afford the costs of private insurance plans.
Before the presidential election, Jindal also said he won't let Louisiana participate in another part of the Obama health care law, refusing to expand the state's Medicaid coverage to give more people health insurance.
Since Obama's re-election victory, the governor hasn't responded to questions about whether he'll change his stance now that efforts to repeal the national health care overhaul are expected to go nowhere.

Study: Income inequality continues to grow in La.

Study: Gap between rich and poor in Louisiana continues to grow larger, among worst in nation

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) -- The gap between Louisiana's rich and poor has grown wider over the last three decades, with the poverty-ridden state having among the highest rates of income inequality in the nation, according to a new study released Thursday.
The richest 5 percent of households in Louisiana have average incomes more than 14 times larger than the bottom 20 percent of households, according to data from two Washington, D.C.-based think tanks, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Economic Policy Institute.
The groups advocate for low- to moderate-income families.
Louisiana has the sixth-widest gap in the country. States with higher income disparity, the study says, are New Mexico, Arizona, California, Georgia and New York.
Average household income for the poorest 20 percent of households in Louisiana grew less than 10 percent since the 1970s, compared to 62 percent for the richest 20 percent in the state, according to the report.
Jan Moller leads the Louisiana Budget Project, the state arm of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. He says he hopes the report is a "wake-up call to legislators and policymakers" as Gov. Bobby Jindal intends to push a revamp of Louisiana's tax code in the next regular legislative session.

Jindal: Obama re-election won't change path in Louisiana

Last Modified: Wednesday, November 07, 2012 2:46 PM
BATON ROUGE (AP) — Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal is congratulating President Barack Obama for his re-election victory, while saying that won't change his course in Louisiana.
Jindal issued a statement that said, "Here in Louisiana, we will continue to do what we have always done, and that means standing up for our people and doing what we think is right no matter who is president."
Louisiana's governor campaigned across the country for unsuccessful GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who Jindal also congratulated for running a "strong race."
Jindal didn't comment on what the election results mean for the future of the Republican Party, saying there's plenty of time to do that later.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Rigours of Defeat: Worse Case Scenario

2011 No Better!? 2012 Worse! ~ Unless!~ Joint Motion all must reply

Former officer clears last criminal charge

Oct. 22, 2011, 1:15 p.m. CDT

WINNFIELD, La. (AP) — Winn Parish prosecutors have dropped a malfeasance charge against a former Winnfield policeman in the death of a man who was shocked with a stun gun, and former officer Scott Nugent has agreed not to seek reinstatement or back pay.

Nugent's attorney, George Higgins, told The Town Talk ( about the agreement Friday.

A jury acquitted Nugent last year of manslaughter in the death of Baron "Scooter" Pikes, who died in 2008 after being shocked eight times.

Higgins says the case is finally over.

However, there's still a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court against Nugent and city officials. They asked Judge Dee D. Drell in September to dismiss it.

Latrina D. Thomas, the mother of Pikes' young son, has until Nov. 4 to file her response.

**all parties in the case in the Western District are required to reply by Nov. 4** LeSieur

Landrieu chastises Jindal for grant rejection

Oct. 19, 2011, 5:55 p.m. CDT

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu said Wednesday she is "disappointed and concerned" that Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration refused to apply for a federal grant that could have brought $60 million in early childhood education funding to Louisiana.

Landrieu, a Democrat, said education experts across the state spent months working on a grant application to the Obama administration for the money earmarked to help low-income and disadvantaged children. She noted that one-third of children in Louisiana under the age of 5 live in poverty.

"Your decision not to even compete for these funds is one that will have a negative impact on thousands of children in our state," Landrieu wrote to Jindal, a Republican. "I hope your reasons for failing to apply for these funds are strong enough to justify these consequences."

The Jindal administration announced Tuesday that it would not seek the grant money, saying that the state's system for early childhood education is inefficient and mired in bureaucracy and that the grant wouldn't help address children's needs because it is one-time money for ongoing programs.

In response to Landrieu's letter, Jindal spokesman Kyle Plotkin said three state departments "completed a thorough analysis of this grant and determined that it is the exact opposite approach our state should take to help our kids."

"We need to streamline the governance structure, funding streams and quality standards in our early childhood system — and the grant would only make things worse by reducing flexibility and adding more micromanagement and regulatory obstacles," Plotkin said in a statement.

Landrieu said the decision is puzzling, and she asked Jindal to give her more details about how it was reached.

"I hope you will respond in some detail given the broad parameters and flexibility of this grant and the fact that nearly all the states have applied for the grant, making Louisiana the minority," the senator wrote.

Jones: Tough times ahead in the capitol
Outgoing District 17 Representative reflects on her tenure, offers advice for her successor

Robert K. Wright

Rosalind Jones
As election day approaches, candidates are making final pleas to voters for the House District 17 seat. The seat is currently held by Rosalind Jones, who has been in office since 2008. She announced earlier this year that she would not seek re-election. On Saturday, four candidates, Otis Chisley, Marcus Hunter, Brenda Shelling, and Billye Burns, are lining up for her seat. However, Jones said that the job they are applying for is not all fun and games.

Jones, who is a practicing attorney, said that she spent a lot of time away from her Monroe practice while in Baton Rouge during legislative sessions. Although legislators are compensated for their duties, she said that she lost money every year.

“You lose money every year. Because I wanted to stay close to the capitol, my entire per diem was used for room and board, not to mention gas and upkeep on my car,” she said.

Jones said that she was initially not prepared for the amount of time she would be away.

“It’s a full time job. I had misconceptions about the post. Even with dad (Charles Jones), I knew he had both roles as a lawyer and a legislator. But I was overwhelmed a little at the time I spent away from home,” she said.

So if being a public official costs so much, why did she do it?

“It was a wonderful opportunity to make a difference. I wouldn’t trade my experience for nothing in the world,” she said.

Jones said that the candidate who win’s Saturday’s election needs to be ready to hit the ground running. The ‘hitting the ground running’ idea’ has been a major focus of Hunter and Shelling. Hunter has lawyer experience and Shelling has many years of experience as an elected official.

But what is necessary to be successful in Baton Rouge? Jones said that being a lawyer, contrary to popular disbelief, matters in the legislature.

“Practicing lawyers understand implications of the law in real life settings. People who aren’t lawyers don’t share the same perspective. It’s not as easy as calling in a staff to get briefed on what’s going on. Your legislative staff is great, but they are not practitioners. Because I was a practicing lawyer, I felt more comfortable knowing how to read the bills that came before me,” she said.

Endorsing Hunter

This week, Jones sent out an official endorsement letter for Marcus Hunter to succeed her seat in the house. She is aware of the recent lawsuit filed against Hunter by Fourth Judicial District Attorney Jerry Jones. Hunter landed in court testifying that he did not live in the district he qualified for.

“I gave Marcus my word long before his residency came under question that I would support his bid for election. I am a woman of my word. Your word means a lot in this world. However, he needs to fix what needs to be fixed before he is sworn in as a House member, for any member of the House can challenge his residency,” Jones advised.

She said despite his residency dilemma, she believes he is the most qualified person to hold the seat in District 17 on the ‘sure base of ability.’

Tough times ahead

Jones said that whomever wins the election, they should be prepared to face a different House of Representatives unlike that of hers, her father, or that of former representative Willie Hunter.

“This new House will be very different from what my dad and Willie Hunter experienced. We’re entering a new phase in Louisiana politics,” she said.

Jones said that the legislature is nearing a majority republican presence (60/40) and that it is important for any democrat to be ready to fight for what they were sent there to accomplish.

“They (majority republican legislature) don’t really need one democratic vote to get done what they set out to do. New members of the House will find it tough as a democrat. That’s why its extremely important that we have someone in the seat that knows the rules, how to read a bill, amend it, or kill it if necessary. That person needs to be able to get in there and fight for District 17,” Jones advised.

Refusing to sell her soul

Jones said that she did not get to accomplish everything she set out to do. She said that there remains a lot of work in District 17.

“I could have brought back home more money and more opportunities for my district, but I refused to sacrifice my independence for a perceived benefit. Whomever wins the election, I would encourage them to not sell their soul to the governor for a cookie. Be independent. I could vote my conscious and explain to the body (House) why some policies were wrong, even if that meant my home base would not get the pennies the governor was handing out,” she said.

Novice candidates

Jones said that she thinks that novice politicans can still serve, if they are willing to learn the rules and play by the rules.

“I think everyone should have the opportunity to serve and once they get there they will find that there is a political process they must learn quickly,” she said.

Although Hunter is her choice for District 17, of the four, only Shelling has served in an elected capacity. For the novice candidates, Jones said that all who consider the post should be willing to learn the rules and procedures and operate within those rules.

“If you don’t know how to amend or kill a bill, you’re useless. There are a lot of rules and customs you have to operate within. What most novice politicians perceive is that they will go down there and make changes, but they have to come in and operate within the established rules,” she said.

Jones said that she has enjoyed her experience in the state legislature and will continue to serve her district in other capacities as they present themselves. “With the support of my colleagues, friends, and constitutents, I rose from a freshman legislator to the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee in only three years. During this term, we have addressed education issues, criminal justice reform, and economic development within the district. Most importantly, we have created a second majority minority representative district in Northeast Louisiana to give a voice to those citizens who have been silenced in years past. Alas, there is more work to be done,” she wrote in a letter this week.

**A Run-off in the 17th is imminent. Burns-Hunter**

The State of Louisiana Justice in HealthCare, Criminal & Civil Actions, Education is dismal. The Conservative legislature doesn't have any thing to do with it. It is again, the racism. If the present activity continues, gross miscarriages of Human Rights will prevail, the public-at-large will outcry, as they are presently. The courts are arrogant in its deficiency to expend "justice". Poor, indigent defendants are at the mercy of an in fact disparaged system.

Louisiana Public Defender Board is allowing defendants to be summarily defended with only the "constitutional guarantee" being afforded. A defendant in the 4th JDC, represented by a public defender, was told to "just plea"; whether his former lawyer had secured a lesser sentencing "deal" with the DA's office didn't matter. This is not defense. This is perfunctory.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Reciprocity. Re-Jena'd! All of this time which has transpired, has left many in Jena, dejected an floundering. It is, however; the responsibility of the Civil Rights apparatus to "educate" the residue that remains in such a place as Jena, what they must watch for, in the ensuing years. September 20th 2012, will mark [5] five years since the Great March of 2007. That event, began with grassroot activist. Some believe it ended, with a plea deal. If that were true, the "Jena Boys" who are young men now, would not be interested in a "capitalist pig's" pretentious involvement as a so-called production rep. However, at midnight on September 19th 2012, the "people" of the Twenty-First 21st Century re-initiation of the Civil Rights Movement in America, will gather in Jena, Louisiana.
The operatives of 2007, are still alive. Some are behind bars! Some of trying, to just, make it! Some are lying , exaggerating and capitalizing on the Move of 2007. We the people caught rides, in the middle of the night, when things were challenging and demanding. Threats were made in '07, '08 thru '11. Lead grassroot activist were diminished. Stranger than strange occurred.
Richard Barrett Died.
As for the other man in this picture, that is another story. Maybe to be told at a later date. First, Jena must be "Re-Jena'd". I've heard many a activist say, we'll give you another Jena. Well, the "thing" that occurred was orchestrated, systematically at a certain point in each stage. At this very moment, we're in an other critical point. You see, 2oo7's Movement was a flashpoint, and we're there again. So, here we go. Brother Activist & Sister Advocate.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Now!! It Should Be Evident

Now, it should be evident, that if an FBI agent comes to talk to you; that you should remain silent and request to be magistrated. Of course, you risk the possibility of being charged with Obstruction of Justice, by not answering their convoluted questions.
What really gets, me however; is that all of this is going on "under the color of law" while a sitting United States Attorney in Washington D.C., looks on with seeming approval.

This same, Eric Holder was called to D.C. while dealing with a wrongful conviction case in this same Louisiana!!
  • Advocate staff writer
  • Published: Jun 22, 2011

There is no reason to suggest undercover FBI agents entrapped former New Roads Mayor Tommy Nelson during a sting operation that resulted in his indictment on racketeering and wire fraud charges, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.

Defense attorneys Page A. Pate, of Atlanta, and Michael A. Fiser, of Baton Rouge, argued that agents posing as corrupt sanitation service officials unfairly pushed bribes toward Nelson after he agreed their service would benefit city residents.

The garbage can cleaning service was known as Cifer 5000.

Earlier Tuesday, Pate and Fiser rested their defense of Nelson.

Chief U.S. District Judge Ralph E. Tyson dismissed the jury of five women and seven men for the rest of the day. The judge ordered all to return to his Baton Rouge courtroom Wednesday morning for final arguments in the nearly three-week trial.

Pate and Fiser asked that jurors be told Wednesday that they could acquit Nelson if they believed he had been entrapped.

The judge chose not to include that statement in the instructions he will give the jury on Wednesday.

Pate called one witness Tuesday — former FBI Special Agent Darin McAllister — who awaits sentencing in an unrelated criminal case in Nashville.

McAllister was convicted in December on 15 counts of wire fraud, involving $1.2 million in borrowed bank funds and three counts of false statements in his 2009 bankruptcy proceedings.

Jurors were not told of McAllister’s felony conviction. They were told that he no longer works for the FBI and is not employed.

“Yes, Mr. Nelson thought the Cifer 5000 was a good idea for his city,” McAllister testified during questioning by Pate.

Pate said one of the benefits undercover agents pushed toward Nelson was a free hunting trip.

“He did not take a hunting trip, did he?” asked Pate.

“No,” replied McAllister.

Pate then asked whether McAllister offered Nelson a silent partnership in the sanitation service and suggested it could be worth as much as $2 million.

“Yes,” replied McAllister.

Other FBI agents testified earlier in the trial that Nelson accepted the silent partnership.

Nelson, who lost a bid for re-election after he was indicted last year, is alleged to have accepted more than $22,000 in cash and other bribes from government investigators who posed as officials of Cifer 5000.

He did not testify.

FBI agents testified that Nelson received the $22,000 in return for his pledge to help the company obtain municipal business. Nelson, FBI agents testified, also received the money and other gifts in return for letters of support he wrote on behalf of Cifer 5000 to the EPA and Dallas residents he believed were Cifer investors.

Nelson believed those letters could mean as much as $4 million in federal grants and $3 million in new infusions of investor cash for Cifer, FBI agents testified.

FBI agents detained Nelson in May 2010 after the agents made video and audio recordings of Nelson’s acceptance of an alleged $5,000 cash bribe from an undercover FBI operative in the parking lot of a Starbucks Coffee shop in Gonzales.

FBI Special Agent Tonja Sablatura testified early in the trial that Nelson immediately surrendered the envelope containing that cash. She said Nelson then confessed that he had accepted bribes.

Assistant U.S. Attorneys Michael J. Jefferson, M. Patricia Jones and Corey R. Amundson played recorded telephone conversations in which Nelson could be heard asking for money.

In one conversation, Nelson demanded a $10,000 payment from one of the men posing as corrupt businessmen. In another, he bragged that he had received more money from other companies.

Cifer 5000 was a fictitious company used by the FBI in a sting known as Operation Blighted Officials.

Six other municipal officials in three other Baton Rouge-area cities also were indicted last year.

Former Port Allen City Councilman Johnny L. Johnson Sr. pleaded guilty to racketeering and bribery charges. Johnson has not yet been sentenced by Tyson.

Former White Castle Mayor Maurice Brown was convicted March 3 on felony charges. He has not yet been sentenced by U.S. District Judge Brian A. Jackson.

White Castle Police Chief Mario Brown, brother of Maurice Brown, was acquitted on all counts in the same trial.

Port Allen Mayor Derek Lewis and Port Allen Police Chief Fred Smith are scheduled for trial July 25 in Jackson’s court.

St. Gabriel Mayor George L. Grace is scheduled for trial Jan. 23 in Tyson’s court.


Jury: Nelson guilty on all counts

Posted: Jun 22, 2011 2:44 PM CDT Updated: Jun 22, 2011 3:43 PM CDT

Former New Roads Mayor has been found guilty on all seven charges against him.

The jury deliberated for just over an hour before returning the verdict.

Nelson was found guilty of racketeering, wire fraud, making false statements and four counts of interstate commerce.

Defense attorney Paige Pate filed a motion for Judge Tyson to reconsider entrapment, but it was denied. Tyson instructed jurors to throw out entrapment and to not consider it.

Nelson was accused of taking bribes from undercover agents promoting a fake garbage can cleaning business. /end-WAFB story/jl

Fissured & Fractured Judicial Process
The Nelson Matter is forged in a "lacadaisical" nonchalant approach by the "civil rights" apparatus in Louisiana in particular, and America in general.

An action was anticipated with the forging of a recommendation arising out of the last state Convention of the NAACP . It is, as if the clientelle of an uncivil america; think that they can just walk in to court and everything is going to be fair. Without certain justice seeking appartuses involved, the pushers of paper will get the same results. The Six, would not be in the position there in now without those apparatuses in play in 2007.

Victoria Gosserand
stands trial in the death of Terri Parker in a car accident days before Christmas last year. Judge Alvin Batiste set the trial for July 11, 2011. I still think it strange that Tommy Nelson wasn't indicted until after comments were made concerning the case of vehicular homicide of Terri Parker on a New Roads thoroughfare.

It should be stated the Louisiana Middle District US Atty, Donald Cazayoux and Gosserand Defense Attorney Rob Marionneaux are both former legislative co-horts. Can, Justice be Served in the Parker death under these circumstances. Should not Eric Holder, send a D. C., civil rights-justice department attorney AND a DOJ special prosecutor for the Gosserand matter. IT IS NOW EVIDENT, COMPLICITY IS A FACT OF LIFE IN THE JURISPRUDENCE IN AMERICA & Louisiana.

What federal operative is busy enticing you or yours to commit corruption?

The Post-trial battle immediately ensued with the 22 June motion filed in the Middle District has already begun.

"Prior to trial, the defense tendered a proposed Fifth Circuit patter instruction to the court
on the issue of entrapment. At the charge conference, the prosecutor objected to the instruction
urging that Mr. Nelson had not made a prima facie case warranting an entrapment instruction."

Where is Bobbi Bernstein, when you really need her?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Louisiana We Know:SO WELL!!

So Long to Justice!

Commonwealth's desire for a free moral society fizzling fast. When the final actionaries seized control of the "final five" justice was no longer a pre-requisite. Out the window went the mechinations of the Mauffray Court & other pacifications. Now, one by one the principal participating personages, of Jena are systematically being picked off, one by one!

Others, however have continued to pimp, prostitute and capitalize on the "movement that was Jena" in 2007, labelled the 21st Century rejuvenation of Mass Protest. Well, since then we've had some serious marches to occur. However, EVERYone Should read, Sammy Franklin's article on the Jumping Frogs. You may get a better understanding of what's going on!!

In Jena, some of the princpals have been in the "crazy house", alienated and suspiciously targeted with stranger than life scenarios. You wonder WHY the Tpartiers, supremacist, neo-cons, Republicans and conservatives are jumping up and down? The took advice from ground zero. The Jena Experience has been attempted to be 'scrubbed clean', but no such washings can undo, the facts. To, top it off; employment of every wicked device has been accomplished.

Some of these "principal players" in the Jena Experience, have the slightest clue as to why, things are happening the way they are!

The Louisiana Machine is rolling Lead Vehicle in the Republican attempt to oust Obama!

HOWEVER, it is official, 2012:September:Jena:Year5-BACK!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Who Says, Nobody Cares?!! -Death of a Nation From the bottum up!

Some things are just meant to happen the way they do.
the day to day horrors of society, tend to wear away at the heart of things.

Who say's nobody cares? When Chris Nevils said, he wanted to see a fair jury - he knew what he was talking about. Now it must be seen if the prosecutor, will appeal the verdict on the very grounds, that he laid.

Today, October 29th 2010; Scott Nugent was found not guilty in the death of Baron "Scooter" Pikes. What's strange though, in Shreveport another officer was laid to rest, killed on duty.

The tasing-death of Pikes occurred on Martin Luther King Day -weekend. And in this cruelest climate, Nugent's actions were vindicated on Halloween weekend. Both, incidents happened on a Friday. What will be, in the final analysis the understanding of what has, now become history. It is a familiar history.

A history, our children should not have to live in the twenty-first century. Well, we were already escalating our efforts to secure a brighter future for a tomorrow, which may never come. But we must "occupy until he comes." An awakening, will occur. All were so caught up in two senate candidates, slinging vulgar mud. The tea partiers, and the such like. Musing about a South Mississippi Democrat divulging he didn't vote for the POTUS, but for McCain.

We, who live in Dixie, call them dixiecrats. Whose so surprised. Maybe the non-know-it-alls of the varied "punditates". But we know! If we wake up one morning and can't recognize the state of affairs.

We Shouldn't be shocked surprised or
dismayed. We Should realize that time has caught
up with us. America -the south, all of America has got to come to grips with itself. Fast!

Well. Deliver us, from this task master. How is it so insisted upon, that we must accept, less than what is normal. Just because the powerful and the rich, exact prowess over the poor and impoverished; a reckoning day is coming. And who will be surprise, shocked or dismayed at its outcome.

Us people are destroyed, from a lack of Knowledge. And collusions with the very people, who destroy us. We, ain't gwine whistle dixie no mo'. Go 'head though "Whistle It" 'cause its yo' dixie too!

Former police officer found not guilty in Taser death trial in Winnfield

By Bret H. McCormick • • October 30, 2010

WINNFIELD -- Scott Nugent waited nearly three years for his manslaughter trial to begin.

Then, he waited about three weeks from the trial's start until closing arguments on Friday.

So, what were an additional three hours?

One of Nugent's attorneys, George

Higgins of Pineville, said the three-hour wait Friday afternoon while the jury deliberated was "gut-wrenching," but the jury returned with the two words Nugent wanted to hear: not guilty.

Nugent was a 21-year-old officer with the Winnfield Police Department on Jan. 17, 2008, when he arrested 21-year-old Barron "Scooter" Pikes (also known in Winnfield as Barron Collins Jr.). Pikes died in police custody, and Nugent was accused of causing the death by using excessive force -- specifically a Taser eight or nine times.

The incident between Nugent, who is white, and Pikes, who was black, caused racial tensions in the town of approximately 5,700 people, and those tensions were evident following Friday's verdict.

Several audible gasps were heard from friends and family members of Pikes' when the verdict was read, while Nugent began crying and shaking his head in relief.

Pikes' family members said the verdict would not be received well by members of Winnfield's black community.

"When it all boils down to it, the whole community is going to be outraged," said Nicole Collins, Pikes' cousin.

"The community is not going to be pleased by this verdict," Pikes' stepmother, Kayshon Collins, added.

Nugent and his team, however, were ecstatic at the news.

Nugent's family was released from the courtroom before anyone else and was unavailable for comment. However, Higgins couldn't hide his joy.

"We're thrilled that Scott was found not guilty," said Higgins, one of Nugent's three attorneys. "We're thrilled because we always thought Scott wasn't guilty."

Higgins said he also was happy for one of his fellow Pineville attorneys, Phillip Terrell, who also worked to defend Nugent.

"I know that this victory was especially meaningful for Phillip Terrell," Higgins said. "There is no bigger supporter of the police."

Terrell and Jerry Glas, a New Orleans attorney who specializes in Taser cases, both were unavailable for comment following the verdict.


Members of Barron “Scooter” Pikes’s family, including his stepmother Kayshon Collins (front center) and sister Lashanta Jackson (far right), exit the Winn Parish Courthouse Friday afternoon following the not guilty verdict in the manslaughter trial of former Winnfield cop Scott Nugent. Nugent was accused of using a Taser on Pikes on Jan. 17, 2008, and causing his death. (Bret H. McCormick)