Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Disarray of Louisiana Justice

Legislative action needed.
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The disarray of justice in Louisiana, has now manifested itself in a physical form. Its affects have in effect placed the judicial process in further jeopardy. Not only has Jelpi Picou, formerly with the Capital Appeals Project; siphoned at least $100k from a state-funded program, the Legislature has still not convened any committee(s); joint or sub, to research or gain needed information on the current debacling circumstances.

To begin with, increasing the public's confidence in the system; which, in turn would aid in decreasing the 2009 spike in crime in some areas. Recent events of youth violence is approaching epidemic. Citizens in one NE La. Legislative district are preparing a citizen optioned covert operated response to end the spike.

All the while, in federal court a state legislator's brother began trial on Hobbs Act violations. Although, no one has been nominated yet, the US Atty for the same district has tendered his resignation,effective on MLK day. A US Supreme Court decision is holding back a trial of the same individual on other charges in which a DA is also involved.

Not to mention, the state AG has taken on a 2009 police killing in Claiborne parish, for which no dates have been set. A Jan 2009 taser-death "stun-drive" case is scheduled to begin February 9th 2010 in a rural parish. In July '09 a Colfax man was killed by police. And the Calcasieu parish public defender system is back in court for a repeat. But now with, the recent upheavels in the 19th JDC-PDO and the recent revelations of case fixings for pay, it should be evident the system needs a thorough going over.

Does any body really care.
The current United States Attorney General was involved in a wrongful conviction case at the time he was nominated by the POTUS. That case, subsequently settled with the exoneree receiving millions. But there are others, who are trapped in this jurisprudence gone awry. Beyond the personal objectives and agendas, there is still opportunity to begin the real work of evolving into a better position. There is no giving up in this fight. All the signs are there to let the sighted know, what must be done. As citizens. May the parties in position respond to this appeal.

In a 2008 resolution, the Louisiana Legislature's LLBC was requested to convene hearings on the justice apparatus in the state. The then chairman of the LLBC agreed. A house concurrent study resolution was authorized, and nothing has come to fruition. 2010 is here. Yet it is not too late, to do the right thing. Although, there is a new chairwoman, who will take this endeavor on?

Someone has to make a move! It has to happen, now. Are you the one?