Friday, October 29, 2010

Who Says, Nobody Cares?!! -Death of a Nation From the bottum up!

Some things are just meant to happen the way they do.
the day to day horrors of society, tend to wear away at the heart of things.

Who say's nobody cares? When Chris Nevils said, he wanted to see a fair jury - he knew what he was talking about. Now it must be seen if the prosecutor, will appeal the verdict on the very grounds, that he laid.

Today, October 29th 2010; Scott Nugent was found not guilty in the death of Baron "Scooter" Pikes. What's strange though, in Shreveport another officer was laid to rest, killed on duty.

The tasing-death of Pikes occurred on Martin Luther King Day -weekend. And in this cruelest climate, Nugent's actions were vindicated on Halloween weekend. Both, incidents happened on a Friday. What will be, in the final analysis the understanding of what has, now become history. It is a familiar history.

A history, our children should not have to live in the twenty-first century. Well, we were already escalating our efforts to secure a brighter future for a tomorrow, which may never come. But we must "occupy until he comes." An awakening, will occur. All were so caught up in two senate candidates, slinging vulgar mud. The tea partiers, and the such like. Musing about a South Mississippi Democrat divulging he didn't vote for the POTUS, but for McCain.

We, who live in Dixie, call them dixiecrats. Whose so surprised. Maybe the non-know-it-alls of the varied "punditates". But we know! If we wake up one morning and can't recognize the state of affairs.

We Shouldn't be shocked surprised or
dismayed. We Should realize that time has caught
up with us. America -the south, all of America has got to come to grips with itself. Fast!

Well. Deliver us, from this task master. How is it so insisted upon, that we must accept, less than what is normal. Just because the powerful and the rich, exact prowess over the poor and impoverished; a reckoning day is coming. And who will be surprise, shocked or dismayed at its outcome.

Us people are destroyed, from a lack of Knowledge. And collusions with the very people, who destroy us. We, ain't gwine whistle dixie no mo'. Go 'head though "Whistle It" 'cause its yo' dixie too!

Former police officer found not guilty in Taser death trial in Winnfield

By Bret H. McCormick • • October 30, 2010

WINNFIELD -- Scott Nugent waited nearly three years for his manslaughter trial to begin.

Then, he waited about three weeks from the trial's start until closing arguments on Friday.

So, what were an additional three hours?

One of Nugent's attorneys, George

Higgins of Pineville, said the three-hour wait Friday afternoon while the jury deliberated was "gut-wrenching," but the jury returned with the two words Nugent wanted to hear: not guilty.

Nugent was a 21-year-old officer with the Winnfield Police Department on Jan. 17, 2008, when he arrested 21-year-old Barron "Scooter" Pikes (also known in Winnfield as Barron Collins Jr.). Pikes died in police custody, and Nugent was accused of causing the death by using excessive force -- specifically a Taser eight or nine times.

The incident between Nugent, who is white, and Pikes, who was black, caused racial tensions in the town of approximately 5,700 people, and those tensions were evident following Friday's verdict.

Several audible gasps were heard from friends and family members of Pikes' when the verdict was read, while Nugent began crying and shaking his head in relief.

Pikes' family members said the verdict would not be received well by members of Winnfield's black community.

"When it all boils down to it, the whole community is going to be outraged," said Nicole Collins, Pikes' cousin.

"The community is not going to be pleased by this verdict," Pikes' stepmother, Kayshon Collins, added.

Nugent and his team, however, were ecstatic at the news.

Nugent's family was released from the courtroom before anyone else and was unavailable for comment. However, Higgins couldn't hide his joy.

"We're thrilled that Scott was found not guilty," said Higgins, one of Nugent's three attorneys. "We're thrilled because we always thought Scott wasn't guilty."

Higgins said he also was happy for one of his fellow Pineville attorneys, Phillip Terrell, who also worked to defend Nugent.

"I know that this victory was especially meaningful for Phillip Terrell," Higgins said. "There is no bigger supporter of the police."

Terrell and Jerry Glas, a New Orleans attorney who specializes in Taser cases, both were unavailable for comment following the verdict.


Members of Barron “Scooter” Pikes’s family, including his stepmother Kayshon Collins (front center) and sister Lashanta Jackson (far right), exit the Winn Parish Courthouse Friday afternoon following the not guilty verdict in the manslaughter trial of former Winnfield cop Scott Nugent. Nugent was accused of using a Taser on Pikes on Jan. 17, 2008, and causing his death. (Bret H. McCormick)