Friday, December 19, 2014

The Blessing of Deliverance
One Way or Another

A lot of who we are is, what we do.
What we do is what is most remembered.
Even to the last thing, that is done.
But, the whole of life is what is mostly considered, by the reasonable.

However, there are times when a quintessential event occurs and the person that exits from the event becomes "an enrichly different persona". "What vehement desire", may cause a miscalculated circumstance to evolve. Yet, many know, that this Brother fought tooth and nail to obtain a different outcome for his son. This Brother, come out of Dallas in 2006 to do this battle. And, remained in Jena, until his untimely death. 
       The Blessing of Deliverance-One Way or Another
The deliverance that must come for American society, must come shortly. Time is running out fast. One can become caught up in the indecency of our world's stereotypical discriminatory prejudices and step-out against it, and never feel fulfilled until change is evidenced. When the vultures came to pick the prey's bones, Marcus lashed out, and exposed a lot of skullduggery, during the time of the "6".
Some didn't understand his stance. He never, was for "the political shenanigans of the powers-at-be".
Several incidents, elicited the culmination of the would be "Jena Movement".  Indivdually, persons in the "6's" affair were targeted, in every way imaginable.

Marcus Jones lived out the remainder of his life, under threat and "backlash"

When the "government" began its process to "glass over" the underlying, racial strife in the town, without seeking long lasting solute, Jones withdrew.

After the "soul's son", incident in nearby Monroe, Jones further distanced himself from the mainstream malarchy and focused on what would really make a difference in the current streams of thought.

In his last thoughts, Marcus was dismayed at the police killings of black men, particularly youth, inclusive of Tamir Rice. When both Grand Juries in Ferguson and New York's Staten Island, yeilded no indictments,  he was disheartened by the events. In two of the last text messages from Mr. Jones, he said, "Seem like we just can't win" in reference to the Mike Brown Grand Jury decision.

The December 3rd text message said "They just let another Cop off " in reference to the Eric Garner Grand Jury decision in New York City's Staten Island.

With the recent deaths of Black youth and the standing up for those youngers' lost lives: particularly the fathers; Marcus Jones was the prototype.
Raw emotion, vehement desire and consistent activism. It was a last stand for the survival of this soul's son.
On the other day, Marcus met with tragedy. In a very freak accident, Jones fell to his death off the bed of a Pickup truck to be struck by another truck.
Rest in the privilege of deliverance from this present evil world.

Surely seems as though this should not be happening, yet it has; and answers are necessitated.
December 14, 2014
Pedestrian Killed in LaSalle Parish Crash

LaSalle Parish – Late yesterday afternoon, a single vehicle crash involving a pedestrian killed a man from Jena, LA. 

Troopers responded to the crash around 5:41 p.m., which occurred on LA Hwy 8 near Jena. The crash involved a 2007 Chevrolet pickup, driven by Brittany N. Walker (W/F 22 yrs) of Jena and a pedestrian, identified as Marcus W. Jones (B/M 43 yrs). The Chevrolet was eastbound on LA Hwy 8 when Walker observed an object (later determined to be Jones) in the roadway. Walker attempted to avoid striking Jones by steering right, but was not successful. The Chevrolet struck Jones in the upper torso. 

Prior to the crash, Jones was lying down in the eastbound lane and was wearing a black jacket and black pants. 

While Troopers were investigating the crash, a friend of Jones arrived on the scene. The friend informed Troopers that, prior to this crash, Jones had been riding in the bed of his truck, standing and holding down wooden pallets. Once the friend arrived at their destination, he realized that Jones was no longer in the bed of the truck and was attempting to locate him when he came upon this crash scene. 

Routine toxicology tests are pending. The crash remains under investigation.

Although the condition of the pedestrian at the time of the crash remains unknown, Troopers would like to remind the public of the following: when walking near a roadway, always make yourself visible to drivers by wearing bright/light colored clothing and reflective materials. Pedestrians that are walking at night should try to carry a flashlight for added safety. A person should always walk on a sidewalk, but if there is not a sidewalk available, you should always walk on the shoulder or if no shoulder is available, as close to the roadway edge facing traffic.

Troop E Troopers have investigated 48 fatal crashes in 2014, resulting in 60 fatalities.

Contact Information:
M/T Daniel “Scott” Moreau 
Louisiana State Police
Public Affairs Section – Troop E
Office: (318) 769-9USA (872)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The government's expected RIOTS in FergusonOctober Brews Still

Barack Obama speaking of quiet riots at Hampton University just before the election for President, takes on another meaning through the lens of Michael Brown's death at, what is the offspring of a now well known antiquated police system.

The "quiet riots" for which he spake are materializing, inch by inch. The seemingly spike in Police killings of black men, is seen as what has the possible solutions, soon to come to pass. Police brutality is a part of the culture of law enforcement.

Black rage, a product of the american capitalist system of deprivation and impoverishment of a "worker class"; to perform the mundane task of a disposable society for the "ruling class", is what's behind the Police State tactics recently utilized in St. Louis' Ferguson.

The aftermath of Ferguson's August debacle is evident day by day. There is a group of young folk, who are gutwrenchingly disturbed by the vulgar killing of Mike Brown and the subsequent inconsistency of the judicial/prosecutorial/law enforcement policies.
Even, the executive branch of the state of Missouri is culpable in the looming fiasco. Whether it is 2014 or 2015, this festering sore has boiled over.
It is such, that; direct intervention is needed now. The highest area of government is necessitated for the proper outcome of the injustices.  A congressional intervention or even presidential intervention are cast aside in lieu of the U. S. Attorney General's involvement. 
As nothing, definitive has been the outcome of DoJ's investigation of the Trayvon Martin murder-(it is a fact it is murder because GZ has consistently been in incidents) to this very day. So, it is the assumption of the 20-somethings and the 30-somethings; that the Mike Brown outcome will be, just as destructively deceptive. 

And, so now the "Quiet Riots" Barack Obama, talked about at Hampton, before the election of 2008 has matured, and the "babies" of the subsequent generation, "the Lost Voices" are speaking, loudly!! Everso Loudly!!

St. Louis' Ferguson,11Oct14 1748hrs