Monday, October 30, 2017

It Just Will Not STOP ~ NO PLACE IS SAFE Murder Everywhere

Dateline Grambling, Louisiana higher education's Black on Black murder. 

And, of course there has been killing on campuses before, in the United States. 

Isley Brothers version
Sandy Hook Elementary, Virginia Tech, Columbine in Colorado & never to forget, "four dead in Ohio, that summer in Ohio, four dead in Ohio; we got to get down to it, Soldiers are cutting us down . .. . .  ." so the Isley Brothers sang! Concerning Kent State University in the song Neil Young wrote.
And that was 1970 in a Vietnam War Protest, when national guard soldiers opened fire on protestors--S T U D E N T S.

Neil Young(Crosby,Stills,Nash&Young

And 10 days later police opened fire on S T U D E N T S at Jackson State College in Mississippi killing 2 (two) and wounding twelve (12).

And then, in 1971 two S T U D E N T S were killed on Southern A & M College (Southern University) CAMPUS.

Denver Smith and Leonard Brown were shotgunned down on Southern campus, by police.

So, that murder has become routine in American's minds everywhere.  Murder. Routine? It was homecoming in Grambling, and a decision had to be made, if the festivities would go on as previously planned. 
One female student, thought it crazy that everything would continue and move-on she said, "as if nothing had happened. However, the pep rally became a peace walk, complete with the University President.
But the fact remains, this was Black on black crime at an institution of higher learning.
In Nearby Monroe, one black man murdered two people in two different areas of town. Two days before and drive-by shooting wounded an individual, just blocks away. Routine?

        Yet What bothers me even more is In-Custody Deaths

I have good information a person is being set-up to be murdered while in police custody. Though the Marked Man is not a Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of Malcolm X; he is the grandson of civil rights workers of the 50's and 80's.  And so, the gene is there! 

By being in the wrong-place at the "right time"; he is in the routinely frequent position to be "murdered while in Custody or incarceration". 
We have confirmation of this. 

Coupled with the murderous atmosphere in the astros right now, the victim has been warned and instructed.
There will be a request sent to the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division's Regional "Peacekeepers"- CRS to dispatch at its earliest agents and officials to intervene in this community.  Though some cities in North Louisiana have convened sessions, meetings and community oriented deployments, the death-quotient, continues spiraling.

In November of 2015, a young black man died while incarcerated in a Morehouse Parish facility. And so, now in 2017 another person will have an attempt on his life in November, if not before.