Friday, May 31, 2019

So This

So, This.
Without doubt, America must admit it is Now a White Supremacist state of the union.
When the Congress of the United States of America is afraid of the leader of the "free-world", and that leader can attend and speak at the United States Air Force Academy and congratulate, shake-hands with 1000 freshly minted Wing-Men and Women; we might as well be in Adolf Hitler's 1936, pre-WWII, consolidation of Power and prowess.

The president of the United States, has a press secretary of Arkansas descent, of which Little Rock is known for its governor-then blocking the door of integration all those many decades-ago.  Furthermore, whose father is a Christian-minister of some sort; of which, ultra-conservative-religionist of the white-supremacist genre still to this day burn-crosses ritualistically in Arkansas and rural northwest Louisiana, among other places.

The nation called America, should no longer fool itself in to believing it is a democracy, or the republic for which it stands.  Especially so, when a Louisiana Legislator, cites the "preamble of the constitution" - Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness as the proponency of   "six-week fetal-heartbeat Life" as a means to deny abortion to rape or incest of forced-sex birthings.

Annually, the Bayou Knights of the Ku Klux Klan meet in Smackover, Arkansas during Labor Day Weekend. In 2006, two rallies occurred, the other in Harrison, Arkansas.
To those who would say this is not reality, think again.             
This is not to say, that Louisiana is without its own versions of the same supremacist ideology, and the notions that it is confined to men only. It is not so, and Black-folk should not fool themselves in to believing such, especially in the present.
The KKK meets also in Louisiana as well, and will recruit anyone, to continue its devices of White-Supremacists control. Specifically, in this time, under the guise of morality, or false-morality. And so, it is in this environment, the twisted words of an environmental-scorched-earth political prowess, that A Louisiana Legislator would invoke a womanizers-tweets as the reasoning behind supporting her legislation.  The President has galvanized his support in the white electorate, by pushing ideologies that will be pushed to the extreme, by those who wish to return to another time.