Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Listening to the Drum Major's Rhythm

While in Selma for the 50th year Jubilee it was evident that this year was different. Everyone was expectant. The President of the United States was scheduled to speak. However, we would find, there was a one-two punch.

We were waiting in line to be screened by security, just to get a little closer to hear the President. We had walked the bridge the day before. It was definitely something other than just us, on that bridge. It wasn't the day of the enactment.  Even so, the air was electric.  I felt healthier, rejuvenated and enlivened. 

After returning, from Selma for Worship the next day, the press was manifested in my bones.  The following day, announcements began to come of racism exposed once gain in our Nation. A "biracial" man was killed in Madison, Wisconsin by a police officer. Across the country in Norman, Oklahoma a fraternity group ranted a racist chant, from its bus. Our Society, was shocked.  Again.  Congressman John Lewis, had spoken on Saturday the 7th of March about those tribulation days of February to March of 1965.

Malcolm X, had come to Selma, while Dr. King was in jail, to lend his moral support. He was assassinated after leaving from Selma, shortly after. 

With, all that happening after leaving from Selma, and hearing the President say, the battle is not over. And after hearing a Congresswoman and Congressman say the same thing another way, I realized nothing has changed sufficiently in the hearts of America's people.  The News in Alabama, said the KKK dropped leaflets in Selma. 

Several City Officials in Ferguson, Missouri resigned. The State Supreme Court there, took over the municipal court. 

If Dr. King was here, he'd might say, "Where do we go from Here". He would talk about the unfinished business. He would talk about police brutality and poverty.