Saturday, October 6, 2018

This IS how you WANT it to BE

This how you want it to be. 

 And we don't really mind. As long as you know, the emboldeness of your emboldened response to liberty & justice and peace & tranquility in this present society is averted!
The poor citizens of America, out in front of the United States Supreme Court and other governmental offices, do not realize how this will all end.
The Anarchists have not yet even arrived. #Anonymous and other such groups have not co-opted the current trenders of protest agaimst the government's shake of late.

Who will be ready for the chaos, that is about to ensue?

With this current ill-responsive action in the judiciary, including the extended apparatuses doom is evident.  The refrain amongst the civil-disobedients sprung from #Ferguson & #MikeBrown. 

The level of the #injusticesToCome is manacled to the #TrayvonMartin debacle. Or, Baton Rouge's reeling yet from the aftermath of #AltonSterling, where the police-state over-reach manifested in cointelpro tactics. 

Senator John Cornyn of Texas, speaking of mob-rule, this very Kavanaugh confirmation vote-countdown is in disarray as Order is being requested from the Senate Chair from the Sargeant-at-arms in the #SenateGallery. (1340hrsCST)

Mr. Cornyn of Texas is greatly aware of his state's violations of the '65 Voting Rights Act.  FLAGRANT VIOLATION OF A COURT-RULING.  And not to forget the "bones of Negroes in Sugarland".

Is this the future that we must now endure in this America as it is Now.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

All Of This

As a pre-note: The debacling demise of Toys R Us - should be a reminder of what #TrumpFallout really is all about.  An insidious thought was that low-birthrates are at fault, for the downfall.  ~INSTABILITY IN THE WHITE HOUSE

                      IT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING
All of the current nonsensical actions of every entity of government is outlandish and absurdly destructive to every area of society.
In the state and nation.

The Nation is absolutely on the rocks.  As I am writing, John Bolton is to be the new National Security Advisor.  The General McMasters is out as National Security Advisor.
The President also lost a strategic attorney, John Dowd this day.  As #theTrumpFallOut continues to affect the american people; the administration's are either being thrown-out or they themselves are bailing-out of a sinking ship. 

The notion, that low birthrates in america is the culprit for U. S. retail insecurity,  Does anyone recall, the end-of-the-year congressional, executive branch back and forth.  All the way in to 2018 concerns about a #governmentShutdown.  An unstable government, economy and street angst in the United States of America.

In Louisiana the legislature, following the nod by the national trend of federal mechinations, is steadily creating a chasm of no return. Such lies and evil deceptions on every level.  The Louisiana Legislature is currently in its Regular Session. 

Following the current trend of the Republican ideology, the Health and Welfare Committee of the Louisiana Legislature considered a Bill, an approved it to be heard on the floor of the Louisiana House of Representatives . The same Bill was attempted in a Special Session earlier this month, but was not approved by the same Committee.  
The legislation would attempt to determine, who is really eligible for Louisiana Medicaid.  Another bill seeks to require recipients to work or perform community service to receive medicaid. 

The problem with all of this, is that the majority impoverished population of Louisiana becomes a Medicaid recipient after they have become ill and a licensed Louisiana physician deems the impoverished person, can't be treated unless they are granted medicaid benefits. 

The legislation if approved will determine eligiblity by state income tax records.  Records for which will more than likely not be obtainable. The chronically poor are not income-tax filers, plus many will just preferencialy defer to death, and the emergency room forcibly by a relative or loved one.

In either way, this is insanity.