Saturday, October 16, 2021

WholeSale Letting Them off the hook:Punishing the Unconnected

Severe Punishment for the politically unconnected. 

If you break protocol, not maintaining the blue line; an announcement is 'leaked' that in 45 days you'll be let go, for speaking up in a law enforcement case involving a chase, that ended in death for the suspect.

Pure Banana Republic-ism at its most resounding. 

All the while the Louisiana State Legislature on a Committee meeting this week began its discussions on the so-called "Critical Race Theory", which reasonings against proper historical teachings are Klan inspired directives. Where we are now societally is way beyond Jim Crowism. Louisiana State Police, the U. S. Attorney's Office-La. Western District, District Attorneys and other elected officials are purposefully destroying their credibility.

Everyone is culpable, especially the ones that are committing malfeasance in office, by not doing their elected jobs. What is the use in taking a sworn oath and not adhering to it.

Can you not hear the Bell Tolling for the tragic loss of lives in Northeast Louisiana and lately in Livingston, Ascension & East Baton Rouge.

The young lives lost to gun violence during the Summer and since, is due to "the culture of violence" in every area including law enforcement. The eighteen year old former Richwood High football player life was taken in June. 
Ten year old Labron Robinson's life was taken in Bastrop, La., July 4 and since then, others as well.
Because of the lack of confidence in police stemming from excessive force involved instances, young people are taking matters into their own hands. Because of the law-enforcement beatings, older black citizens are thinking twice before calling the law.
"Police Culture" is evident in the aftermath handling of two prominent excessive force incidents in Northeast Louisiana and one other in custody death.
The Special Litigation Section of the Civil Rights Division of the U. S. Department of Justice must become involved in the current ongoings.