Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Louisiana We Know:SO WELL!!

So Long to Justice!

Commonwealth's desire for a free moral society fizzling fast. When the final actionaries seized control of the "final five" justice was no longer a pre-requisite. Out the window went the mechinations of the Mauffray Court & other pacifications. Now, one by one the principal participating personages, of Jena are systematically being picked off, one by one!

Others, however have continued to pimp, prostitute and capitalize on the "movement that was Jena" in 2007, labelled the 21st Century rejuvenation of Mass Protest. Well, since then we've had some serious marches to occur. However, EVERYone Should read, Sammy Franklin's article on the Jumping Frogs. You may get a better understanding of what's going on!!

In Jena, some of the princpals have been in the "crazy house", alienated and suspiciously targeted with stranger than life scenarios. You wonder WHY the Tpartiers, supremacist, neo-cons, Republicans and conservatives are jumping up and down? The took advice from ground zero. The Jena Experience has been attempted to be 'scrubbed clean', but no such washings can undo, the facts. To, top it off; employment of every wicked device has been accomplished.

Some of these "principal players" in the Jena Experience, have the slightest clue as to why, things are happening the way they are!

The Louisiana Machine is rolling Lead Vehicle in the Republican attempt to oust Obama!

HOWEVER, it is official, 2012:September:Jena:Year5-BACK!!

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