Saturday, October 1, 2011


Reciprocity. Re-Jena'd! All of this time which has transpired, has left many in Jena, dejected an floundering. It is, however; the responsibility of the Civil Rights apparatus to "educate" the residue that remains in such a place as Jena, what they must watch for, in the ensuing years. September 20th 2012, will mark [5] five years since the Great March of 2007. That event, began with grassroot activist. Some believe it ended, with a plea deal. If that were true, the "Jena Boys" who are young men now, would not be interested in a "capitalist pig's" pretentious involvement as a so-called production rep. However, at midnight on September 19th 2012, the "people" of the Twenty-First 21st Century re-initiation of the Civil Rights Movement in America, will gather in Jena, Louisiana.
The operatives of 2007, are still alive. Some are behind bars! Some of trying, to just, make it! Some are lying , exaggerating and capitalizing on the Move of 2007. We the people caught rides, in the middle of the night, when things were challenging and demanding. Threats were made in '07, '08 thru '11. Lead grassroot activist were diminished. Stranger than strange occurred.
Richard Barrett Died.
As for the other man in this picture, that is another story. Maybe to be told at a later date. First, Jena must be "Re-Jena'd". I've heard many a activist say, we'll give you another Jena. Well, the "thing" that occurred was orchestrated, systematically at a certain point in each stage. At this very moment, we're in an other critical point. You see, 2oo7's Movement was a flashpoint, and we're there again. So, here we go. Brother Activist & Sister Advocate.

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